Don’t be intimidated by the left; learn to answer back

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A deep basis of thought is imagined or rehearsed speech. If we cannot imagine a good response to a verbal attack, we will tend to be intimidated by it and shrink from of it even as we sense it is false. We might even concede to demands based on intimidation alone because with no answer, we are unable to think clearly about what is happening. We surrender without a fight.

A strong example of this might be a leftist accuses you of racism and on that basis demands a concession from you. How do you respond? If you deny you are racist, a person like that will claim your denial is proof of racism.

Since racial identity is completely normal, even appearing in babies who cleave toward people who look like their parents, every human being has some level of racial awareness. You can drill that out of people, or turn it around, but the root instinct is always going to be there. Even the left admits this.

So all you have to say if someone accuses you of racism is: “That’s true, but only to the same extent you are.”

That’s really all you need to say. Continue only if your accuser is rational and calm. This is not something to fight over, though the tendency to fight does prove that we are dealing with instinct.

Being aware of your race and its virtues is nothing to be ashamed of. Charges of “systemic racism” are nonsense or fundamentally cultural and thus vapid. It’s like accusing someone in China of “systemic Chineseness.”

It’s fine to let a rational person say they don’t like your culture or what your race has done. You may even agree. But belonging to that culture or race does not make you racist any more than anyone else. All cultures without exception have violent histories and can be rapidly and easily deconstructed.

The bigger problem here is the left wants to start fights. They want to destroy American culture while getting paid to do so. This is worth fighting over. The best way to win this battle is strengthen the interpersonal grapevines of all people who love USA and do not want it to become a socialist shithole. Befriend rational, good people no matter their race. Answer back irrational leftists bent on destroying our country, no matter their race.

I chose racism as an example of leftist intimidation for this post because it is the most difficult leftist attack to stand up to. Practice in your own mind how to respond a charge of racism. Even better, practice with a reliable friend. The left uses psychological attacks like this to wrongly turn your moral sense against you. In doing that, they are being evil.

When you can stand up to false accusations of racism, you will find it much easier to stand up to other leftist lies and acts of intimidation.

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