Book “advances” and book deals are often payoffs for services rendered, I think most of us know

Not saying this is a case of that but if it were it might look something like this though why then becomes the question which could be answered by how someone opined on the most important case ever to come before the court though there could be other reasons and I do not mean to be implying one thing or another just pointing out what might or might not be in a general sense is all.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett has somehow managed to convince someone to hand over a whopping $2 million advance for a book about her legal philosophies, according to Politico. Former President Donald Trump’s final pick for the Supreme Court has reportedly written a manuscript that revolves around her belief that judges should never let their personal feelings cloud their decision-making. A publishing industry source told the site that the figure for the advance is an “an eye-raising amount” for a Supreme Court justice.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Pockets Massive $2M Advance for New Book, Says Report

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