My paranoid fantasy of elite world domination and depopulation

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If you can see that we are in the midst of a major global psyop right now read on. If not but are curious also read on.

Briefly, a secret global elite is moving fast to take control of the world and establish strong global governance right now.

An initial goal of this elite is radical depopulation to a world of roughly two billion or less. This goal can be achieved simultaneously with the goal of seizing total and absolute global control.

Elites in enough regions of the world today have formed a secret alliance among themselves strong enough to seize power now. All empires throughout history have been built this way.

Elite “moral” reasoning is: “The planet is being destroyed due to overpopulation and societies are all functioning badly. Therefore, radical depopulation is necessary. We would do it for any other species. Those who survive will come to accept what happened and feel grateful for being alive. We will have many comforting ways to explain why so many died. Everyone will be happier.”

In the end, the smaller world population will welcome elite guidance and be easy to control.

At this point, a eugenics program will be mandated. Birthing will favor elites as well as any other traits they deem worthy or desirable among non-elites.

One thought on “My paranoid fantasy of elite world domination and depopulation

  1. I just finished the first season (2013) of the British tv series Utopia. So many overlaps to today. Not sure I would have seen them for anything more than a good story—that is, if I’d seen it eight years ago. (It’s available on Amazon Prime)

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