The term “JoeBama” is not a meme… It is a REALITY

Those behind the scene are using the Biden administration as an extension of the third term of Barack Obama.  Same people; same policies; same agenda, and same exact goals.   As a consequence U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is duplicating the exact same policy directives as former DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder.  The people in place are identical; the actions they take are identical; the purpose of their activity is identical.  The DOJ is politically weaponized to achieve ideological goals.

The most recent example of the synergy happens today with AG Garland announcing a DOJ civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis police department.  Cut to the chase, the result of the investigation will be another municipal authority placed under a federal consent decree.  THAT will happen, the investigation to justify the consent decree is a farse.  This is JoeBama and the Chicago team replicating the same process.

Eric Holder 2.0 – Merrick Garland Announces DOJ Investigation of Minneapolis Police Department to Initiate Another Federal Consent Decree

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