DO NOT MISS THIS TALK: Geert Vanden Bossche with Bret Weinstein on covid vaccines

BE SURE TO WATCH THIS. Bret does an excellent job of making Geert’s ideas clear as a bell. Use CC (closed captions) to help with Geert’s accent. This is very important material we all should know.

UPDATE: In two places Bret indicates a very strict lockdown in USA for a couple weeks would have stopped coivd early on. This is wrong because: 1) lockdowns never work; and 2) even if you could perfectly lockdown USA and it did work here, the rest of the world would still have covid and we would be reinfected. Geert seems to have gently corrected this mistake by mentioning that variants in India and Brazil also affect us. I may have misunderstood Bret and for this reason said nothing when I posted this video. Since posting, others have independently brought up the problem, so I am adding this update. ABN

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