Where did covid come from?

Very well done piece on the origin of covid. The excerpt below is a tease and should indicate the whole article is worth reading. I skimmed here and there where I knew the issues well.

…One can only imagine Dr. Daszak’s reaction when he heard of the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan a few days later. He would have known better than anyone the Wuhan Institute’s goal of making bat coronaviruses infectious to humans, as well as the weaknesses in the institute’s defense against their own researchers becoming infected.

But instead of providing public health authorities with the plentiful information at his disposal, he immediately launched a public relations campaign to persuade the world that the epidemic couldn’t possibly have been caused by one of the institute’s souped-up viruses. “The idea that this virus escaped from a lab is just pure baloney. It’s simply not true,” he declared in an April 2020 interview.

Origin of Covid — Following the Clues

SPICEY UPDATE: from the same article:

The US government shares a strange common interest with the Chinese authorities: neither is keen on drawing attention to the fact that Dr. Shi’s coronavirus work was funded by the US National Institutes of Health. One can imagine the behind-the-scenes conversation in which the Chinese government says “If this research was so dangerous, why did you fund it, and on our territory too?” To which the US side might reply, “Looks like it was you who let it escape. But do we really need to have this discussion in public?”

The author of this piece, Nicholas Wade, does his utmost to be even-handed and objective in his analysis, for which he deserves credit. I wonder why, though, he left out the very real possibility that covid was made to be a bioweapon or used as a bioweapon once made and then consciously released by CCP in an act of Sunzi-style belligerence following China’s loss of the trade war with Donald Trump? That GOF research at the Wuhan Biolab was funded by NIH does not minimize this question. Rather, it may augment it as it provides further plausible deniability for the malefactors as well as creating the double-bind outlined in Wade’s words just above.

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