Former Director of Pentagon “UFO program” on why UFO information is being made public now

Part Two: “Pay attention for the next thirty days. I think this… is about to get real interesting… This is a process not an event.”

What are the odds that an alien race visiting us would be using technology only 100 years ahead of ours? Why not thousands, millions, or billions of years ahead of ours? One hundred years is next to nothing on cosmic time scales. So if Elizondo is right about this claim, then: 1) the technology could be terrestrial, coming from Russia, China, or Western Europe; 2) a much more advanced alien civilization is allowing us to see only this technology and not more; and 3) the alien civilization is technologically only a few centuries ahead of us.

The third option is the least likely while the second is the most likely—an alien civilization is allowing us to see only technology we can (almost) understand. In my view, any highly advanced civilization visiting earth would almost certainly not want o harm us. They would show their hand gradually to prevent panic and confusion. Based on this reasoning, the second option again seems most likely. Since UFOs have been reliably observed since before the 1950s, it seems very unlikely the technology is a human invention.

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