AZ AUDIT UPDATE: Dems & MSM engaged in massive disinformation campaign

I forced myself to listen to NPR yesterday. When the AZ audit was discussed by Lakshmi Singh, she made a point of loudly emphasizing that the very thought of election fraud was a LIE! Every time she mentioned the subject she said LIE in an abnormally loud emphatic voice and both of her (trained) “guests” religiously used the terms “unfounded” or “lie” to modify the idea whenever they spoke. Beyond that, the case for doing audits was never even presented. And beyond that Singh expressed outraged disbelief that 70% of Republicans could possibly doubt election integrity, while never mentioning that well over 50% of Independents and 35% of Dems doubt it as well. She also claimed Trump is “undermining our democracy” by demanding election results be confirmed by audit.

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