they want to admit only their own

University of California will no longer consider SAT and ACT scores. Notice how all objective measures are demonized as privilege, or racist. The reality is they are making all success subjective because they now occupy the positions that grant admission, and they want to admit only their own.

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The takeover of academia has been going on for decades and was largely complete well before Trump won the presidency. Academia is the gateway to elite power in business, government, academia itself, publishing, and more. This is obvious but always good to remember USA has lost all cultural high ground (academia, Big Tech, govt, IC, MSM) to globopinko or whatever you want to call it. Proving election fraud and overturning the results will be a step in the right direction but we have much further to go than that. In many ways, the situation looks hopeless but our side still has truth and a popular majority going for it; and those are factors that often win in the end.

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