Ideological purges within US military happening now

It is interesting to compare and contrast the military reaction to Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier: “Lt. Gen. Whiting has initiated a Command Directed Investigation on whether these comments constituted prohibited partisan political activity,” against the lack of military reaction to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (Trump impeachment instigator) who was clearly undertaking “partisan political activity.”

If you consider the 2020 election was a usurpation by elements of the United States government in coordination with political intelligence operatives and leftist organizers; then any action that might uncover the election fraud is now a risk to the entire framework of the U.S. government.

Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier, Commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley AFB, Colorado, Relieved From Duty After Questioning Creeping Marxist Ideology in Military

Over many decades American society has been slowly destroyed by infiltration and takeover by many bad actors. This is why 95% of academia is leftist. Same for MSM, Big Tech, much of DC. This is why we have a Deep State apparently controlled by our IC (Intelligence Community). A similar encroachment has happened in the US military as described in the article linked above. It is hard for citizens to pay attention to slow infestations of anti-American ideologies and all but impossible to remove malefactors once the process is understood, usually only in retrospect. We need to have many more citizens understand how our country is being weakened internally and by whom. We are actually well on the way to losing an asymmetric war from which we will never be able to recover. The hot action is not bullets but ideas, people, propaganda, purges, censorship, mind control, and recently biowarfare.

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