Are religious charities a front for something else?

2 dead, 8 injured in downtown Minneapolis shooting. Import Somalia, and don’t be surprised if you get Mogadishu. Interesting sidebar on Somali migrants for the newbies –  You did not see pushes to import Somali migrants before Bush senior went into Mogadishu in the early nineties. I had a relative in Maine way back, just after the Somali adventures, and he talked about the state’s shock at some Christian organization up there who suddenly began importing Somalis en masse into Maine…

and how suddenly they had Portland, IIRC, flooded with 68 IQ tribal-warlord-soldiers walking around aimlessly, who weren’t really acclimated to finding niches in First World economies, let alone rural economies with woodland winters that were sub-freezing. Neither he nor I could make sense of what that Christian group’s stupidity was arising from, but we both agreed they were really fucking up the state for everyone else with their charity. We blew it off as some crazy/stupid religious people. (Cabal does things that are ridiculously stupid, so you will dismiss things like this as stupidity, and not look too closely at anything else those “stupid” people do. I think a lot of the gender/non-binary/cis-trans stuff is being done so you won’t look too closely in the future at something they are going to be doing, maybe targeting children more brazenly, and you will just blow them off as crazy.) But back to the Somalis –  why weren’t those Christian charities crazy before we began operating down there in Somalia militarily? Why did it start only after we got embedded in the country militarily? And then it happened across the country with other Christian charities at the same time – Minneapolis, San Diego, Columbus/Ohio, Virginia/DC area, Georgia, Phoenix, Portland, Nashville, Boston, and other areas. They all just went crazy for Somalia at the same time? Why not Ethiopia, or Niger? Now it is obvious, and you should see it too. We went in there militarily, and CIA began recruiting a network of sources and surveillance. When we pulled out, Cabal was all throughout the CIA, and they, either through CIA, or on their own, began importing these assets to build the numbers of their network in the US which they were pitting against the regular US citizens in the war against America. And who did they use to do it? Religious charities which probably run missionaries, and use that to build covers, for the civilian intelligence infrastructure, in return for funding (and maybe just because they were taken over by CIA/Cabal). I’ll bet if you get gangstalked today in Portland (which is a known hub of that activity), it will be those religious spergs and their Somali asset friends who are tracking regular Americans in their travels across the city.

I don’t think the migration is just a dilution of the White/European/Nativist/Nationalist/patriotic bloodlines, replacing it with some more compliant bloodline/race. I even think the online popularity of the “Great Replacement Theory” might be an intelligence construct, designed to focus the minds of nationalists on the racial aspect, and make the events look more random, and less controlled, as if it is just crazy leftists with a strange preoccupation with racial replacement, because they are crazy. I think the reality they are hiding, which they do not want everyone to know, is the migration is actually a mission by a well established intelligence operation, to import a flood of pre-recruited, proven agents from its overseas networks, who have already sworn allegiance to a Cabal-intel machine which views regular Americans who want freedom as the enemy. I think these migrants tend to be black and brown simply because Black and brown nations tended to be poorer, and more war torn (perhaps not by chance, but because Cabal created wars of opportunity there to sell weapons and make bank back home), and so First World intel (a Cabal subsidiary) tended to already be operational and recruiting agents/networks in those nations. Before there was Somali there was Latin America. Before Latin America, Southeast Asia. Whiter, European nations don’t make good recruiting pools as Cabal needed its agents in those countries due to their operational significance, and each nation needed more agents, so they they need to bring them in from poorer, less operationally significant overseas networks. When we pulled out of Somalia and left it to fester, its operational significance became minimal, so CIA/Cabal brought over everyone who would move, from the 54 IQ dude who would get assigned as an actor in some ISIS drama on the evening news, to Ilhan Omar sitting in Congress. It is kind of ironic, because in preferentially bringing over these agents, I think the people we have brought over were probably all possessed of the genes which allow people to betray their own just because it is of advantage to them. And now they are all working against you. This thing thrives by making you think everything is stupidity, or a few people who became fixated on something, or ideological battles, or something else. What it fears, is everyone, all of a sudden, realizing there is a small clique in control of a powerful intelligence operation, targeting the entire country and launching a carefully-planned, purposeful operation to enslave everyone beneath the boots of an army of foreign savages and retards who pledged allegiance to their conspiracy. They fear everyone realizing that, and then beginning to look for names and addresses to go with the ultimate leadership of this operation.


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