Study shows natural immunity to covid long-lasting

ST. LOUIS — Researchers here have discovered cells in the bone marrow of COVID-19 survivors that were still producing antibodies against the virus months after recovery, suggesting immunity may last far longer than once thought.

In a study released Monday in Nature, researchers show that among a group of 19 participants who previously had mild cases of COVID-19, 15 had antibody-producing cells in their bone marrow that target the virus that causes COVID-19.

Washington U study finds clues to long-term COVID-19 immunity in survivors’ bone marrow

We already know 85% of the population is immune to covid or gets it so slightly they are “asymptomatic.” Transmission within households is only sixteen percent, which is strong supporting evidence for widespread high prior immunity. Moreover, in this Tweet and others, Ethical Skeptic has provided abundant evidence that covid may have been circulating as early as 2017, almost certainly well before autumn 2019. All of this evidence contributes to the belief that covid policy has not been based on rigorous science but rather on political considerations, which in this case must necessarily be nefarious. I leave it up to readers to decide if the motive was “simply” to unseat Trump or something even worse.

2 thoughts on “Study shows natural immunity to covid long-lasting

  1. Regarding covid (coronaviruses been around forever) and alzheimers/dementia: association does NOT equal causation. Love Ethical Skeptic, but I’m more convinced of the link between these disorders and the SAD (standard american diet).

  2. Fair point and also TES is presenting a valuable different way to look at all of it. Two hours ago:

    Compelling if not conclusive. This graph also explains China’s use of theatrical lockdowns and people dropping dead in the street as psyop aimed at panicking the world and getting rid of Trump. Trump’s enemies predictably seized the opportunity and USA (and West) went with policies worse than the disease while also providing cover for election fraud. Of course, this is not proved but it has explanatory power and brings egregious covid policies in USA/West into focus.

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