Fentanyl bust in wealthy DC burb

Cops target Sinaloa cartel houses in wealthy DC suburbs, and seize enough Fentanyl to kill 500,000 people. Notice, one, a wealthy neighborhood in DC would be buried under surveillance that is deep into the lives of everyone living in it, and two, a Cartel is sophisticated from an intelligence standpoint, often hiring professional spooks with time in deep dark corners of our intelligence agencies, so they would know. But they didn’t care, which says to me they were not afraid of such an intelligence operation, because it was merely a subsidiary of the same organization the cartel is a part of. Of course there is no guarding against some naive DEA or DHS group that isn’t aware of how everything works, uncovering a thread, and taking it down regardless. Either that or Cabal had somebody else they wanted to put in these people’s positions, so they took them out.


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