Lockdowns: “…the central most pernicious thing that came out of the Chinese experience with this.”

As the world begins to take seriously the idea that covid is a bioweapon that came from the Wuhan Biolab, we should also begin to take seriously the idea that vivid news and film of strict lockdowns in China last winter was a Chinese psyop deliberately enacted to fool the West (and world). A worse possibility, which must also be considered, is Western elites deliberately seized the opportunity to lockdown their societies in order to gain more power; recall that lockdowns produced the largest transfer of wealth into elite hands in world history. Another possibility to consider is that covid was deliberately used as a bioweapon by China or Western elites or rogue operators. On this site, I have mentioned all possibilities for over a year. The lack of covid and bioweapon information in MSM and Big Tech during this whole time period is solid proof, incontrovertible proof, that they are propaganda outlets and little more. The Western response to covid, I don’t mind saying, is very suspicious and lends credence to the idea that the bioweapon attack was begun by the West or that Western powers somehow colluded with China or went along with circumstances. We are faced with a Bayesian pie with many probability slices. I tend to weigh covid being a bioweapon from Wuhan, either deliberate or escaped, as the largest slice. But without question there are other possibilities. ABN

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