Fulton County ballots left UNGUARDED, deputies leave

Details are starting to emerge about the suspicious alarms and opened doors at the building in Fulton County containing ballots awaiting audit.  According to Newsmax corespondent Emerald Robinson Fulton County deputies left the parking lot 20 minutes before the building alarm sounded.

Additionally, the plaintiff attorney, Bob Cheely, handling the election integrity lawsuit, confirms the county security lapse is a direct violation of a court order requiring the ballots to be protected and secured at all times.  Cheely will be filing two motions of contempt against the Fulton County officials for their refusal to uphold the court order requiring 24/7 security. Apparently there are also some CCTV cameras and the plaintiffs will be asking for the footage.

Details Emerge of Fulton County Deputies Leaving Guard Duty 20 Minutes Before Alarms Sound in Building Containing Ballots for Audit

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