“Top of the World” alliance requires good relations with Russia

Vladimir Putin plans to press Joe Biden on human rights violations against Trump supporters. This makes me think the Russians know something of what is coming. Picture Russia, right now aligned against Cabal, and with Americans who oppose Cabal. Suddenly Cabal is revealed, and a genuine treasonous syndicate working against all of America is cast out and demonized by a newly honest media. And there Russia is, saying it had been working for Americans, against that syndicate, and for Americans all along. It would be a brilliant play. And Republicans right now, even before then, are looking at a US government of traitors, and a Russian government trying to stand up for us as Biden attacks us. This is why Cabal has to make Russia the enemy – we would be natural allies. Also note, this is not something Cabal would do, if it had influence in Russia. Cabal would keep the pressure on conservatives in America, and not give us any encouragement or support.


All “top of the world” countries are natural allies: USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, Japan and a few others. We all share political, economic, and geographic mutual interests and many of us also share deep cultural and religious traditions. This natural alliance could and would take place if the shadow elite in the West would get out of the way and if Russia would provide strong assurances to former European satellites that reoccupation will never happen again.

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