Watch Burn Notice for free

You can watch episodes of Burn Notice here for free. Absolutely the best way to school you up on what is possible, how spookdom works, and what spooks do to camouflage themselves and gaslight their targets. From the protagonist getting spooked by street crews and utility workers on the poles by his apartment, to security for a building dressing up like landscapers and trimming the hedges with a sub-machinegun concealed in their brush-bag, to vehicular surveillance techniques, if you ever encounter the machine, you will flashback to a lot of those scenes, because it looks just like it. Also good for showing how powerful gaslighting someone is, and how they will actually defeat themselves for you if you do it right. That is basically what Cabal has done to the US for decades, at least. You will find no end to CSI reruns, or Law and Order on every channel, but you will not see this on TV today despite hotter women, nicer guns, better backgrounds, superior acting and stories, and a real-world utility, and I think that was directly due to Cabal blocking it because it made people stronger and more capable. The only thing it never covers is the recruitment and employment of civilian assets/informants as part of ground surveillance networks, for obvious reasons. In the real world, Michael Westin could never have operated without ending up noticed as interesting immediately and buried under coverage. But great show, and very subversive.


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