Mike Lindell suing Dominion for weaponizing litigation

Lindell’s complaint is here, and features this evidence of 555,864 votes being switched in five states, which would have yielded a 1,111,728 overall change in the outcome, since Trump lost a vote AND Biden gained one for each vote changed. Byrne says he will vouch for the evidence as solid:

104. In addition, Exhibit 12 showsa subset of 20 documented successful hacks through the election management system in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wiscinsin, and Arizona resulting in a total 555,864 votes switched from President Trump to candidate Vice President Biden in the 2020 general election. These hacks came primarily from within China and are identified by the date, location, and the network from which the hack orginated and the location and network that was the target of the hack. The network packets of information flowing from these hacks was capturedand recorded in real time as discussed in the documentary, “Absolute 9-0.”

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