AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers responds to DC Garland

We all know Garland will mess with results when they show fraud. His statement only proves how corrupt the federal govt has become. Moreover, Garland surely fears more states are going to audit their results. Best case will be more states show massive fraud, leading to a nation-wide audit showing election fraud is nation-wide. I say this is the best case because I am reasonably sure fraud happened nation-wide. Cleaning that up will be a major victory for USA against globalist usurpers. The worst fraud appears to have happened in corrupt Dem-run black cities, so expect cries of systemic rayciss from the feds as they marshal “defenses” against “white supremacy” and “voter suppression.” I hate saying the truth so openly but the country feels like diabolical 3rd grade intellectually so what options do we have left?

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