CO SOS BANS election audits

Democrat Colorado Secretary of State issues emergency rules prohibiting election audits. Ballsy move, but she is just in too deep. It tells you their panic at the thought of the conspiracy coming down. The bottom line is, if Cabal were still in full control, it would never have gotten this far. The judges, the legislators, the political machinery, the very people running the audits, would all have been redundant control points, where at any one of which, the old Cabal could have shut this thing down. But as this thing has reached each chokepoint, where Cabal should have killed it over and over again, it has sailed right through. Now it looks like we are on the verge of seeing just how massive the election fraud is, and exactly how it is done. I do not see how the conspiracy loses it’s fraudulent elections, and then is allowed to keep the corrupted intelligence/FBI infrastructure, the gangstalking networks (which are largely civilian-appearing), the financial fraud operations, the media control, the education system, or the rest of its machine. If the elections are lost, it must all be coming down. It will be quite a shocking collapse for the normies to witness.


I like AC’s optimism but tend to believe we’ll see a shooting war with China or a second planet-wide bio-attack before “it all comes down.” Still, there are many good signs. The CO audit ban looks like an act of desperation. AZ is very promising. Nothing good will come from DC. It’s up to us to keep each other informed. Interpersonal dissemination of truthful information is our strongest weapon. Remember the Soviet Union crashed in Eastern Europe due to an interpersonal grapevine that toward the end included almost everybody. Everyone knew and everyone knew everyone knew. Today we have more alternative information sources, but interpersonal contact is still what makes the information super-strong. ABN

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