Trump should distance himself from vaccines

Please reconsider your self-portrayal as “Mr. Operation Warp Speed”. By doing away with long-term safety tests for these genetic toxins, the government has horribly endangered the health and welfare of every man, woman, and child in America. Thank you for your service, and thanks for your attention.

Sincerely, Chris Langan

He’s not wrong. President Trump is still the greatest US President since Andrew Jackson, no question, but of all his failures, it’s probably his endorsement and encouragement of the not-vaxx that is going to be the most lasting stain on his record, regardless of what eventually comes out about the current political situation and the election fraud.

A reasonable request

Trump surely had good intentions but was used by the Deep State or whoever. The largest demographic not taking the vax are Trump supporters, none of whom blames him. Trump also bungled badly by trying to get out in front of the pandemic with daily pressers while allowing Fauci and Birx to promote their evil pseudoscience. Instead of trying to lead in that way, Trump should have called in the world’s top experts and with great transparency allowed them to discuss covid in public, openly permitting all viewpoints while also excluding or at least greatly marginalizing anyone with conflicts of interest, such as Fauci. If that had been done, we would have heard from McCullough, Kory, Yeadon, Bhakdi, and many others. Successful therapeutics would have been found and promoted even sooner by practicing clinicians and no EUA would have been granted for dangerous vaccines whose bad effects will be multigenerational. Trump can easily distance himself from his support for vaccines and should start doing so ASAP. ABN

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