Trump on Pence: “You might very well have a different president right now” if he had acted

Trump: ‘I have not conceded’ the 2020 election; and we might have a ‘different President’ now if not for Pence choice. I tend to think Trump would not be this direct unless Pence really was a traitor, and was not acting under patriotic orders. Fascinating, as it probably also means, as with Lin Wood’s claims, there is even worse evil, maybe targeting children, on Pence’s resume. I hope we get a full accounting of the truth once this all unwinds. I know even my reality-gauge is totally mis-calibrated with a bias toward thinking things can’t possibly be as bad as they apparently are. We all need to see the full extent of the horror, so we know what the baseline of evil this world will default to is, if we leave it to its own devices.


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