Unverified 50K mortality from covid “vaccines” in USA

Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans. “Good doctors are doing unthinkable things” …They “appear to be under a spell.” Most of the people I see seem to be under a spell, doing weird shit that makes no sense. The bottom line is they took the deal early on. It probably doesn’t look bad when it is offered. You agree to “help” the “National Security apparatus” here and there, and they will smooth out your getting into med school, or help you avoid getting in trouble for your drug problem, or your kiddie porn issues. But then you are in, and as time goes on, it becomes clear it is a criminal conspiracy, focusing on randos with no real importance to anything, and not really NatSec-related at all. I almost think the massive criminality of it is a good thing from Management’s position, because as time goes on and you realize what you are a part of, you are guilty, and fully locked in. Now, if the conspiracy falls, all of these people are screwed, and probably their kids too. It is probably excellent motivation to do whatever has to be done to keep the conspiracy alive.


I hope these CDC whistleblowers come forward soon. Steve Kirsch has also mentioned whistleblowers. They could be ordinary functionaries within CDC, MI plants, or personified information taken from the NSA database. Whatever, we get far too many intimations of whistleblowers, new evidence, or imminent good results that never pan out. That said, AC’s tangential comment describes stuff I have personally seen with my own eyes. You agree to something or do something and soon the carrot-and-stick is your whole life. I never went there but could see where it would lead if I had. They get you when you’re young and/or never had any moral or spiritual training. ABN

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