More than meets the eye

A U.S. hammer thrower turned away from the American flag as the national anthem played while she and two other athletes stood on the podium at the Olympic trials Saturday, later saying she was “pissed” the “Star-Spangled Banner” played as she received her bronze medal. You can’t tell if all these woke athletes are anomalies being played up by Cabal’s media, or if they are taking over the sports world. But I would file away as a possibility just s there are neighborhood crews, Cabal has teams assigned to various sports to identify the players, place their own assets into contention, and then use some form of technology to physically degrade the patriotic athletes, to make sure their own competitors come out on top on game day. The manpower is certainly there, they have the tech, they are already doing this in other areas of society, and it could easily be run as a “training operation.”


“… use some form of technology to physically [and/or mentally] degrade…” This is 100% what is happening in all parts of society that lead to influential or leadership positions. This is the main violent reason (there are others) our society has become so fucked up so quickly. Doesn’t have to be high-tech as old fashioned poisons work just as well. See Military thought experiment Parts 1, 2, 3 to get a handle on how this is done. Promising people are attacked even at very young ages. The herd is culled of its most capable members. Academia, MSM, DC, are profoundly shaped by violence of this kind.

Incidentally, people who hate Boomers need to absorb this information and understand that the traits they hate were promoted by the forces mentioned above. At the same time, traits we would all respect were destroyed. Boomers are a deeply culled cohort. The greed, narcissism, cowardice, and stupidity of virtually all elite boomers is the planned and coordinated result of a campaign of clandestine savagery that went into high-gear after WW2. ABN

UPDATE: It hasn’t stopped with boomers. The same tactics are being used against every generation behind them.

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