Extremely strong arguments that covid19 is a “gain of function” laboratory production

Dr Quay strongly argues as well that covid 19 came from the Wuhan Biolab in China.

I do not in any way want to detract from this testimony, which is scientifically conclusive that covid is manmade. But I do want to point out that 1) while it is clearly most likely that covid19 originated in China, 2) it is still possible it originated in USA or elsewhere. Another point worth making is we have had very good evidence beginning with an Indian paper from January 2020 that covid19 is manmade. Since that time, more evidence has come out showing covid19 comes from a lab. Throughout that entire period of well over a year, any mention of those facts on most Big Tech platforms in USA has been punished with banishment, suspensions, or really fucking stupid “fact-checks” or links to the CDC information that is being questioned. This is especially galling since CDC and its ilk have been wrong on so many aspects of covid19, including their own role in GOF research and funding the Wuhan lab.

Beyond that, Americans are similarly discouraged from and even punished for discussing election fraud, the pseudoscience of lockdowns, masks, stay-at-home orders, the dangers of covid vaccines,, the politicization of our response to covid19, its role in election fraud, and so forth. I want to emphasize that it is not China that is forcing this totalitarian silence on us. It is our own powers-that-be, principally DC, Dems, RINOs, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government agencies. ABN

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