Delta variant mortality rate almost 8 times higher for fully vaccinated

As can be seen from the figure above, if a person has already contracted delta variant CCP virus, the mortality rate for him/her was around 0.64% to 0.75% (four green bars), with the most recent data showing 0.69% (green bar on the right) mortality rate, according to the cumulative datasets in the 4 past technical briefings in UK. However, if a person has contracted delta variant but has not been vaccinated, the mortality rate is only 0.08%, according to the latest data (blue bar on the very right). In other words, data shows that if the person has been infected by delta variant, the mortality rate is almost 8 times higher for fully vaccinated people compared with that for unvaccinated people (0.69% vs 0.08%)! Moreover, as explained above, keep in mind that the mortality rate for vaccinated group might be underestimated while mortality rate for unvaccinated group might be overestimated. Plus, this dataset has not taken the other deaths caused by vaccination into consideration, such as blood clots or heart problems. Yet we are still persuaded every day to take the vaccine, what a ridiculous world.


More: Rand Paul rips delta variant ‘fearmongers,’ cites .08% death rate in unvaccinated group

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