Big mess in AZ election server software

Both “accredited” voting system test laboratories hired by Maricopa County Board of Supervisors forgot to audit the server software configurations in their audits. When the Maricopa Board hired them, it was supposedly based on the fact they were Election Assistance Commission certified. After they were hired, Gateway Pundit pointed out they were not actually EAC certified, and within hours, EAC had issued certifications. So the board was compromised, the auditing companies were compromised, and the accrediting agency were all compromised, and they were all working together in coordinated fashion to cover things up, and making it up as they went along. The AZ Senate did not approve of that and hired its own outside agency for its audit, still ongoing. And it appears that will reveal the fraud, as well as show what is summarized above, revealing the extent of the conspiracy to steal this election, its pre-planned penetration everywhere anything could pose a threat to the conspiracy, and it will probably begin the reveal of the massive intelligence operation that has been building everywhere for decades, if not centuries or longer.


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