More bad stuff on Epstein, who illustrates how deep the corruption is and how violent

Interesting article by a reporter on her experience doing a piece about Jeffrey Epstein circa 2002. Interesting nuggets – after an interview, he had an assistant tell her he thought she was pretty, then sent a book about mathematics for dummies to her home address, which she hadn’t given him. Then he began telling her he had assembled a dossier on her and her husband and could get them both fired, he threatened to sue her, and then he matter of factly threatened to have a curse put on her unborn children, as if she would understand that was real and dangerous. He even demanded to know where her babies were being delivered, and told her he knew all the doctors in the town (Probably true given he could call on Cabal’s ground network. I wondered if he had plans to switch the babies, or even disappear them, or have some ritual performed on them while they were in the ICU.). She claims she tried to include stories she uncovered about him abusing underaged girls in her piece and Vanity Fair nixed it (was she being used as an investigator by Vanity Fair, who was funneling what she dug up back to Epstein’s handlers so they could understand any threats of exposure?) That is pretty much it.


The US is in crisis because we have been infiltrated and had a decades-long silent war waged against us. Once you notice that all of our cultural high-ground has been lost to the invaders, you will begin to understand. The next step is understand how much you have been programmed not to see that all of our cultural high-ground has been taken, all of it. Same is true for most of Europe. This gets filed under “war” as well as “corruption.” It is also important to understand that this is not a bloodless war; many have been killed, maimed, poisoned, driven insane. When natural leaders are picked-off one by one, no one notices; hundreds of thousands can be destroyed year after year. The main tactic is get them while they are young, before their talents can be developed. Almost no one ever suspects what really happened to them. People are very sensitive. A little BZ aerosol in the bathroom or car a few times over a few weeks and the vic will become disoriented and quickly discarded by his social groups who will barely notice or chalk it up to drug use or bad genes. ABN

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