Australia manufactures panic to shut down

Australia is not okay.

It’s almost like there’s a coordinated global effort to take away those last few freedoms in the name of safety using the same exact tactics they’ve used for the last year and a half.


But I’m just a conspiracy theorist.

All happening in unison.

Annnd another one.

Deleted video from the World Economic Forum talking about how great the lockdowns are for Earth.

If you're not questioning these motives and don't know what the Great Reset is… you need to learn. Fast.

JIC YouTube deletes that copy.

THIS is the Great Reset.

Global Communism.

What could possibly go wrong?

I'm sorry but an 80 year old and a 90 year old dying are not reasons to lock down young and healthy people.

It just keeps getting worse for old 'Straya.

Oh holy shit what is this.

This is insane.

Part 2.

Originally tweeted by L 🤺 (@LHatesYouALot) on July 19, 2021.

Defying a century of epidemiological science and eighteen months of glaring counterevidence. ABN

One thought on “Australia manufactures panic to shut down

  1. Well, they’re hosting the 2032 olympics, so they better plan to be back open by then….or not (sorry, major wave of apathy for the olympics right about now…no place for such heroic efforts when surrounded by a world of bedwetters).

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