All but one in hospital with covid vaccinated

Australian official reveals all but one Covid patient in the country are vaccinated. It is at the end of the video.


The CDC is clearly either hiding, not gathering, or obfuscating hard stats on how many vaccinated in USA are getting the Delta variant and how many are being hospitalized and dying. Since they have been consistently so wrong and dishonest about everything covid, this is not surprising. The hierarchy of American medicine is controlled by pseudoscientists at best or deliberate bad-actors at worst. With some beautiful exceptions far too many clinicians are remaining silent about malpractice (“failure to treat,” perverse incentives to wrongly treat, and suppression of valid treatments) dictated by what Kory calls the “gods of medicine.” Maybe “demons of medicine” is the better term. The linked video above is from Australia. Israeli and UK stats similarly show high numbers of vaccinated getting Delta. McCullough said recently that about half the cases in US are vaccine failures. ABN

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