America’s Frontline Doctors: WHITE COAT SUMMIT complete video

The entire video of the presentation can be found here.

Many great talks and tons of information. Worth perusing whenever you have time. Posted under “medical science.”

It is important to understand that interfering with the doctor-patient relationship by suppressing and banning some treatments while mandating others undermines the very foundation of Western medical science. When a new disease arises, medical science actually works through a multitude of individual clinicians working with a multitude of patients. Clinicians try different treatments to see what works and then, crucially, share information with other medical practitioners. This is how a reliable body of information is built up. This is how medical science learns how to treat new diseases. Interfering with this all but sacred process is a major act of anti-science, pseudoscience. ABN

One thought on “America’s Frontline Doctors: WHITE COAT SUMMIT complete video

  1. Please continue pushing against this purely evil and tyrannical 666 beast system that is relentlessly pursuing the mass destruction of souls and all of God’s creation because those are their orders, in exchange for everlasting life, which is a lie told by Lucifer. It was orchestrated by 33rd degree Luciferian Freemasons in an attempt to permanently enslave all survivors of this COVID-AI genocide-by-vaccine in worldwide Communist takeover and Luciferian New World Order of tyranny and Hell on earth. Could I word this better? Yes, but you get the picture.

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