Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies

ADE has been documented to occur through two distinct mechanisms in viral infections: by enhanced antibody-mediated virus uptake into Fc gamma receptor IIa (FcγRIIa)-expressing phagocytic cells leading to increased viral infection and replication, or by excessive antibody Fc-mediated effector functions or immune complex formation causing enhanced inflammation and immunopathology (Fig. 1, Box 1). Both ADE pathways can occur when non-neutralizing antibodies or antibodies at sub-neutralizing levels bind to viral antigens without blocking or clearing infection. 

Link to paper

Specialist jargon and unfamiliar concepts in this paper, but a lay person can get the basic idea. ADE is the ultimate disaster of a failed vaccine because those vaccinated will get a worse case of the disease than those who were not vaccinated. Those not trained in virology only need to learn these details because the CDC has not done due diligence but instead heedlessly promoted dangerous vaccines, while censoring cautionary voices. ABN

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