Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium – Day 2

direct link

UPDATE: I have now watched most of this video. It is excellent. Begins with a description of the psychological techniques being used in official covid responses and why mainstream news and science are supporting a single narrative of fear, division, and the demand that the entire world to be vaccinated. The segments following that are well-focused, each covering a single topic in reasonable depth. Very good video to send to friends and family. ABN

This is a long video. I have only had time to watch one full part and highly recommend it. It starts at 2:25. In it Chossudovsky and Yeadon outline a dystopian future that everyone should be aware of. As Yeadon says here and elsewhere, to paraphrase: “I cannot think of any other reason for vaccine passports than we are approaching the Gates of Hell to be followed by world depopulation and the end of human freedom.” ABN

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