CodeMokeyZ claiming Dominion whistleblower has come forward

This story has been building for some time. Mike Lindell has also claimed to know of Dominion whistleblowers. I am posting this information because it may be true. Take it with a grain of salt. See next page for some telling screens shots and more. ABN

Code Monkey lays out what is next on Telegram in this screencap, and reveals they have a Dominion whistleblower, who appears to have taken all the data he could get out. You can see the rest on his telegram here. I am not a tech expert, but what it looks like he is saying is his whistleblower recorded video of the Dominion system’s admin screens, possibly on election night, including the bios setup, which shows the bios (which runs under the Operating System) was establishing a Local Area Network in the background which it was designed to keep invisible to the operating system above it, to hide it, and the LAN had a cloud desktop, so it was connected to the internet and was controllable from anywhere remotely using the cloud desktop. He goes on to point out the bios could be configured to make the machine boot from some remote drive not even on the system, ignoring the system’s hard drive. That is why Arizona cannot let the auditors look over the routers and logs, and why Dominion will not give them admin passwords so they can explore the machines. I think it means not only was a machine here or there possibly connected to the network with some attached modem, but the system was designed to be run remotely off the internet from a remote site, maybe off a remote hard drive with a remote operating system and remote software. So if you look at the system, the local hard drive will look legit and the software will all be certified and compliant, but on election night the machines will then boot from remote hard drives, run uncertified remote software, and be controllable from a remote desktop in the cloud. Somebody else chime in if my take is wrong, as that is not my field, but I think that is the gist. If this whistleblower recorded that happening on election night, that is a bombshell. It would seem they would design it that way because it would facilitate selling outside access by revealing the backdoor, in such a way they could claim any subsequent outside interference was a hack, and not granted access that was paid for (ie treason). Code Monkey promises a big announcement in the AM.


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