CodeMonkeyZ: Video and boot information on Dominion machines

Code Monkey has more. It turns out the boot options are to boot from the SATA drive on board, or to boot from an embedded network interface card, ie from a remote drive somewhere else, probably off the internet. He shows the screenshot of the screen, which shows USB boot enabled, which was a third option, to boot from a USB stick somebody brought with still different software. The question is were any of those remote or USB boot option software packages reviewed and/or certified by the election certification bodies?

Code Monkey’s 1:17 minute long video is here, showing the whistleblower’s evidence that the state has the bios passwords Maricopa claims they don’t have (which they can’t release because it would prove the system was knowingly rigged instantly), and that the voting machines connect to the internet, which Dominion denies, because that would show the elections were knowingly rigged by a corrupt system.


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