Unrestricted warfare and traditional America

However you define traditional America, we are at war with both foreign and domestic enemies. Unrestricted warfare means war that is not restricted in any way. The side that fights dirtiest wins. I am not saying we should fight the dirtiest but we must recognize that our enemies are fighting with everything they can. Treason, subversion, infiltration, blackmail, bribery, poison, murder, you name it they will do it. They are doing it.

Traditional Americans have a soft morality derived from Christianity and American political mores. Those rules are useless today. They do more harm than good. We are not going to love, reason, or tolerate our enemies away. We have to be fully aware of what they are doing and how. They are coming at us from every angle. Research the ones you can see and act on your knowledge to expose them or thwart them if you can. We can still win without breaking the law, but we will never win if we remain blind to the violence and mercilessness of the wars being waged against us today. ABN

One thought on “Unrestricted warfare and traditional America

  1. 18 months ago and before, when I was still entrenched in the illiberal left, I said similar things. “Republicans always play dirty—we’re too soft, too nice…we have to start getting tough and play dirty as well…humanity and the planet is at stake…yada, yada.”

    Yes, we must remain tough, vigilant, and often even unbending. But truth, common sense, and so much else is on our side.

    Thanks for your vigilance!
    One of your subscribers.

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