Iceland: “Vaccination has not led to herd immunity”

…the country’s Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason says it has not led to the herd immunity that experts hoped for. In the past two to three weeks, the Delta variant has outstripped all others in Iceland and it has become clear that vaccinated people can easily contract it as well as spread it to others, Þórólfur stated in a briefing this morning.


This proves that the vaccines have failed. Iceland is ahead of USA in its vaccination rates which means that vaccine efficacy has waned more in Iceland than in USA. We can expect similar high failure rates in USA in a month or two based on data from Israel, which is about two months ahead of us in vaccination rates. The “leaky vaccine” nightmare is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) the probability of which goes up with greater vaccination rates and with booster shots. There are some signs ADE is already happening in Israel.

A very sorry concern is the FDA will soon “approve” the vaccines only because so many Americans have already been railroaded into getting them. Mandatory booster shots will follow in an attempt to hide vaccine failure. At best we are facing bureaucratic hubris and inability to admit mistakes. At worst, we are facing something much more nefarious, a deliberate policy to weaken and control the populations of USA and world. ABN

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