Deny them the emotional response they want

Rep. Omar wants to replace July 4th with Muslim heritage month because “Muslim-Americans have played a major role in shaping our nation for centuries.” Understand, she says what the voice in he earpiece tells her to, and that voice is probably coming from CIA shrinks who work for the agency her family has long been an asset for. The emotional response you have when you read this, is what they want. Deny them the emotional response, feel yourself go ultra-cold and logical, and resume your careful, logical, plotting.


This good advice applies as well to despair, depression, lack of will, feelings of failure and helplessness. We have to use our brains to analyze our realities and figure out how to deal with them. Our situation changes every day, every minute of every day. Our enemies are coming at us from every angle, unrestricted warfare. Wisdom, smarts, is the highest virtue in Buddhism because all other virtues can be misapplied without it. ABN

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