The doctor-patient relationship has been destroyed by government. Hundreds of thousands have needlessly died because of this

Dr. Drew is on 🔥🔥🔥 talking about how medical decisions have been ceded to bureaucrats instead of remaining with doctors and their patients.

Originally tweeted by 🚨The Panda Tribune🚨 (@PandaTribune) on August 11, 2021.

Dr Drew makes a very important point for the reasons stated and also because: the doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of clinical medical science. It is within and through this relationship that new treatments are discovered for new diseases (and old ones). Dr Zelenko established the effectiveness of ivermectin over a year ago through his doctor-patient relationships. Since then many other doctors have confirmed his findings. But still today, your doctor probably will not prescribe ivermectin for you because the CDC has banned it except for use in hospitals, where you go only once you’re half-dead. Our covid response has been a complete disaster because our agencies and people like Fauci have literally banned doctors from treating covid patients except in hospital settings where care is also over-controlled. It is so stupid and evil it’s maddening. I am disappointed more doctors have not spoken up but also grateful to those who have. ABN

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