Some of what I caught from Lindell’s symposium yesterday: Anonymous Conservative

Everything below is quoted. Link to original at the end. ABN

Joe Oltmann, the Tech executive who described hearing Dominion executive Eric Coomer say he had made sure Trump would never win in November, and who said publicly Coomer had extensive ties to Antifa, was at Lindell’s Tech symposium, and briefly told his story. He began by saying people should have no doubt, there is a massive hidden organization in this country that has taken everything over, and it works, in his words, “exactly like the Mafia.” 

He said when Coomer sued him, the Colorado Court system mysteriously dropped the case in Denver, the bluest district in the state, despite the fact nobody involved lives in Denver, and Denver has nothing to do with the case. He said the original Judge noted the anti-SLAPP laws of the state would not allow Coomer’s lawyers to depose Altmann or conduct discovery before the initial hearing on the case, so they could not go fishing for details and force Oltmann to have to hire an expensive attorney before he had a chance to get the lawsuit dismissed. That judge quickly got replaced with a new Judge who had marched at Antifa rallies and contributed profusely to Democrats, and that judge, out of the blue in contravening the prior judge and the current case law, before the trial even started, sent notice to counsels out of the blue that she was open to ignoring the anti-SLAPP caselaw and allowing Coomer’s attorneys to go fishing with a deposition of Oltmann before the initial hearing. Oltmann’s attorney, in talking with the judge on a phone conference, argued Oltman should not have to reveal the name of the Antifa member who let him sit in on the phone call with Coomer, because that Antifa member would be killed, to which the judge replied, “I guess we are going to see.” Everything you have believed about this country – about freedom, about the rule of law, about the Constitution and what it guaranteed you, about what opportunities you had to succeed and what fields you were allowed to operate freely in, even the privacy you were guaranteed in your own home – everything was a lie. They told you this lie, because if they did not, they would face the most heavily armed, and violence-capable population on earth in violent conflict, and you might just take those freedoms and rights by force. And now the lie is collapsing.

Another significant part of Lindell’s morning presentations was a vet who pointed out that to these people this was just stealing a few votes, and changing an election outcome. But the reality was this process of voting was something that millions of American servicemen had fought for, and often died for overseas. And these people were just destroying it after that unimaginable sacrifice had been paid in the blood of patriots.

Code Monkey, Ron Watkins, came in with a forensic image of a voting machine from Mesa County Colorado, which they looked at with experts in real time for the first time. They very quickly determined it had connected to the internet, logs were wiped, and the MYSQL database server logs, which would have recorded any monkeying with results for elections going back to 2019, were wiped. There was more on the machine, but they said it would take weeks to go through all the logs that hadn’t been deleted, and they were just cracking it open there to see what would jump out at them. The review stopped when Ron’s lawyer supposedly told him he needed to stop the review. But you never know. Military intel could have been in his earpiece and told him to say that and stop.

Lindell said he would plead with journalists to cover the voting scandal because it is their country too. None of these guys seem to grasp the journalist’s position, or at least they will not give voice to it. Just as this site was at the cutting edge with the idea of the vast majority of advertising as money laundering, or massive illegal surveillance of the citizenry being ongoing at the individual level, or our courts being rigged by a shadowy intelligence operation that took them over by placing agents in critical positions, or our country being corrupted by a massive intelligence operation looking for blackmail on everyone, or our elections probably being rigged, we will give voice to the real mechanism behind the media here for the newbies who have not yet seen this material.

Journalists are often making a solid six figures, for a job which is not economically viable in the real world. And some times they are making seven or eight figures. Nothing remotely like that kind of salary can exist absent this conspiracy. Nobody pays for news – we all get it for free from all of these outlets. And the vast majority of the advertising, which covers just a small fraction of the costs of these operations, is just money laundering from the conspiracy which produces no additional sales for the vast, vast majority of the advertisers. Moreover, the job of news reporter, or news anchor is a job that is desirable beyond the salary, and there are no shortage of journalism majors who would kill for such opportunities. It entails fame and authority, and thus there is a vast mass of poor, unknown reporters and aspiring news anchors who would do it for a fraction of the salary that current anchors and reporters are being paid, and many, many, would do it just as competently. If the system were honest, why would any news organization pay a reporter like David Muir seven or ten million dollars per year or a one like George Stephanopoulos $15 million per year, when they could have a young, intelligent, attractive woman with a pleasant personality, who would do it for $70,000 a year? The only way the ast, vast majority of reporters you see get their jobs, and get paid the ridiculous amounts you see them get paid, is if the conspiracy launders massive quantities of funds taken from what it gathers from the government and private sector, amounts far beyond what any news organization would ever earn, and routes that funding to these news organizations expressly in return for their use as propaganda outlets, and then places these compromised reporters in their jobs specifically for the purposes of pushing the conspiracy’s propaganda. And the reporters know this. By the time you see them on TV, just about all have been running illegal surveillance on regular citizens, or doing other work for the domestic intelligence organization, which has proven their loyalty to the machine. By then, they know all about the conspiracy that is paying their bills, and their need to be loyal to it to keep the money flowing into their bank accounts. No conspiracy means no budget for their news operations, and no jobs for them. They would have to compete for pocket change with all the other plebes. So no reporter is going to be swayed by Lindell’s pleas. I’ll make a new prediction, based on what is now a crystal clear trajectory. Well within four years at the outermost boundary, the surveillance will be exposed and dismantled, and people will be shocked by the truth. I only place it so far out as there will be a lot to dismantle throughout all of government, it is not impossible it will have to happen violently in some ways – and now even I see the importance of fixing the elections first. This might be the biggest happening in the history of mankind.

Seth Keshel then gave a presentation with ten irrefutable points indicating he is correct about there being 8 million conjured Biden votes nationally, but first he revealed live that he was just told the Texas Audit bill will have the full endorsement of Governor Greg Abbott. His ten points were:

1      19 Bellwether counties are perfect predictors of election outcomes, Trump won all 19 in 2016, and he won 18 of 19 in 2020, even with the fraud, but still lost.

2     Bellwether states Iowa North Carolina,  Ohio, and Florida, since 1896, were perfect bellwethers, and Trump won them all in 2020, but all were wrong for the first time.

3     Share of Primary votes and high turnout is an accurate predictor of Presidential outcomes. Hoover, Carter, Ford And Bush all lost reelections, and all had a low level of support in their primaries of the mid 50% range, indicating if your base doesn’t like you, you tend to lose. On the contrary, Eisenhower (86%), Nixon (87%), and Reagan (98%) all had high primary support, and went on to reelection.  Trump had 94%. Presidential candidates with a support level over 72.8% have never been defeated until Trump.

4     Since 1892, no incumbent President has gained votes and not been re-elected. Before then, some Presidents gained votes but lost due to new states entering the Union. Trump gained 10.1 million new votes, a massive amount, but lost.

5     Voter registration by party trends are the most accurate predictor of the ensuing election’s trajectory, as far back as records are available. Party’s which make gains in registration will do the best as it reflects enthusiasm. Trump won in 2016, after small increases in registration prior to it which represented an electorate unsure of him.  Between 2016 and 2020, GOP registrations skyrocketed, and there were 242,000 new Republican registrations, vs 12,000 new Democrat registrations just in Pennsylvania. Going county by county in four counties, York, Butler, Luzerne, and Westmoreland, he showed that the actual numbers for Biden were much higher than the new registrations would indicate. In Michigan, statewide, he showed the same, and he showed it also held in Macomb county. Then he showed Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico were all the same.

6.   US House Elections reflect Presidential performance. Reagan gained House seats in both 1980 and 1984 and won, and Obama did the same in 2008. However in 2020, Democrats lost 13 seats in the House, despite Biden winning.

7     Florida is an excellent predictor, going back to 1932 because its demographics mirror the nation overall and it has a huge hunk of electors. Trump won Florida, but lost the nation.

8.     Trump posted record vote increases in states he won in 2016, except for the critical ones Biden needed.188,000 votes was the record gain in Maricopa County until Trump. Trump gained 248,000 new votes, a record,, but Biden improbably won 338,000 new votes in Maricopa County, to beat Trump’s gains. In Georgia, five rural GOP counties, Forsyth, Hall, Cherokee, Paulding, and Covington. gained tremendous votes for the Democrats in 2008, but Romney bombed in 2012. Trump then raised it slightly in 2016 and managed to win, but did not raise it by much. But then in 2020, Trump made a 24% gain in total registrations in all five counties, but still lost. Democrat gains in Democrat strongholds were as follows – Cuyahoga, 4%, Bronx, 1%, Manhattan, 3% , Cook County, IL 6% , and Chicago IL, 7%. He compared this to four Trump counties which were as high as 48% gains, and yet Trump lost. He showed the same in Texas counties, where Biden gained almost nothing but Trump skyrocketed his totals in GOP strongholds, yet Trump lost nationally.

9.   Trump gained the greatest GOP share of non-white Vote since 1960. Nixon got the highest non-white vote in 1960, at 32%, but Trump won at least 26%, but probably much more, of the non-white vote, with 40+% of the Hispanic vote for Trump. Yet he lost.

10.    Avoidance of audits. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colorado are all fighting audits, despite large margins for Biden, which should be difficult to overturn and produce audits showing honest elections. Yet they are fighting them tooth and nail.


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