ADE: A serious risk of coronavirus vaccines

A potentially fatal risk of coronavirus vaccines has been known for decades. It’s called antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). In simple terms, because of the way some viral antibodies work, they may actually backfire on the person when they subsequently encounter the wild virus. Non-neutralizing antibodies may enable the virus to enter the cells or the immune response may be skewed in other ways.

This is the reason why there has never been a coronavirus vaccine before. When they tried developing coronavirus vaccines in the past, the test animals seemed to develop robust antibodies but when they were challenged with the wild virus, they got sick and died. This stopped the vaccine development in its tracks. This adverse reaction has been also seen with Dengue Virus, Ebola Virus, HIV, and RSV vaccines well.

The clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccines2 were much too short to do proper and complete animal testing; the quick move to human trials, and to Emergency Use Authorization (not approval) of the vaccine, means that the global population will be used as the test animals in this experiment. The FDA, referring to it euphemistically as “vaccine-enhanced disease”, stated as much in their briefing document where they acknowledged that ADE will more likely be seen over time, following authorization or even after licensure, as vaccine immunity begins to wane.

Since ADE could potentially take months to years to occur in the various populations and demographics around the world, we may have a looming global disaster yet to come. One microbiologist has referred to it as a “ticking time bomb”.

Not only is this risk being ignored but, so too, is halacha (Jewish law).3

Here are the details:

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