Bombshell claim: We have full forensic images of voting machines before, during, and after the election & audits

Today’s Bombshell – 20:25, to 22:26, here, Mike Lindell’s partner says during the 2020 election, they had friendly clerks across the country, who helped “them” get full forensic images of voting machines before, during, and after the audit, and they caught what dominion added just before the election, what they did with it during the election, and what they wiped to cover their tracks after the audit. Probably where Lindell got the PCAP data from. Note, Lindell did not set that up, nor did this guy. Something much, much bigger than those two, with the ability to recruit diverse and disconnected assets across the nation, and get them to technically violate the law at risk of imprisonment or death, did that. But that massive operation is something whom they feel they are agents of, enough so, that when they speak of it, they refer to it as “We.” He also has somebody talking into his earpiece, and although it could be normal event control, it could be something more akin to AOC’s earpiece. These two minutes are a must listen, because if true, and it appears to be, it is 100% confirmation the election wasn’t a four-year election – it was a sting operation that must have been years, if not decades in the making. And it happened in an environment where, if you would strike the king, you must kill him. So it probably won’t fail. Though I would still operate as if you think it will and prepare. I would assume the enemy gets a vote in the outcome too.


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