Dr Ryan Cole talks good sense and good morality

Notice below that Yootub has censored Dr Cole. Now listen to this Bitchute copy of what he said. Why would that kind of material ever be censored? ABN

direct link

Dr Cole’s talk can be taken as a very fine basis for a Buddhist religious exception to any vaccine mandate. Listen to what he says and make note of the points that make the most sense to you or that apply to you best. The preeminent feature of Buddhism is its constant emphasis on wisdom, rationality, clear thinking and, in modern terms, good science. First do no harm, could easily be a Buddhist moral precept. Stand your ground against harmful deluded thinking no matter how many attack you is also a fundamental Buddhist moral position. A Buddhist monk “leaves home” to avoid all attachment to delusion. Today, lay Buddhists must consider “leaving” the deluded crowds that bray for conformity to bad science. Cole ends his talk on a moral note. ABN

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