Sweden’s 7-day average COVID deaths have been at ZERO for about a month now

I feel like its only a matter of time before the very existence of a place called Sweden is scrubbed from the internet.

Originally tweeted by Brumby (@the_brumby) on August 17, 2021.

Sweden made some mistakes but in the main behaved as many decades of epidemiological science have shown is the best way to behave. Full transparency, full disclosure of all facts, no mandates, no lockdowns, no school closings, mutual trust between government and the people allowing citizens to do what they thought best and the result has been social trust is high, trust of government is high, the economy is fine, other illnesses have been treated on time, and there is little or no irrational fear of covid or of each other. Everyone in the world should be happy to know that a good outcome is still possible for covid and feel assured that when we next have a pandemic we can rely on Sweden’s example and many decades of epidemiological science to face it more rationally than we did this time. ABN

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