Federal agency redefines science to “approve” medical treatment

Science, can mean many things,” a top agency official said this morning. “In today’s world definitions are more fluid than in the past when we were oppressed by unilateral, one-size-fits-all definitions.”

By way of example, the official, who prefers to remain anonymous, explained that the words “approve” or “approval” can be interpreted in many ways. “It all depends on what your perspective is. Do you approve of fairness or truth? I hope so. We do.”

Since it is “true” that many people want the unproved medical treatment approved, the agency determined that it is “only fair” that the medical treatment be “approved” without further delay. “Science cannot be allowed to stand in the way of fairness or justice,” the official said. “That would constitute pseudoscience.”

“We believe that approval is the only just decision that can be made right now, from our point of view.”


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