What would you do if you wanted to foment a bloodless coup?

1. Create an international cabal of scientists to develop unique new biological weapons, funded by our taxes.  

2. Blame the ensuing epidemic on rural people for eating bats or skinning civets. [This could be the excuse to relocate them and grab their land if minerals, gas or oil are underground.] 

3. Prevent the public from accessing repurposed drugs that work against the new virus.

4. Set the blacks and whites against each other by producing widely publicized police killings.

5. Defund the police.  

6. Invent a cockamamie idea called “Critical Race Theory” that children are forced to learn in school, to further damage race relations. Never let the idea of social classes pass a teacher’s lips.

7. Fire teachers who refuse to teach this nonsense.

8. Destroy the quality of the medical system.  Turn doctors into typists.  Turn medical records into surveillance tools. Beat the medical staff into submission so they no longer have a backbone. Terrorize those who still have a voice.

9. Success is defined by having doctors comply with edicts that require harmful meds like remdesivir be used, while effective meds will not be prescribed.

10. Bankrupt Main Street.  

11. When Main Street barely starts to recover, require vaccinations to conduct transactions, dealing Main Street its death blow.

12. Buy up Main Street while it’s on its knees.

13. Use weather warfare or novel weapons to burn swathes of rural land you want to redevelop

14. Use pseudo riots to burn swathes of city property you want to redevelop, while blaming it on bad race relations.  It was a mistake to allow those pallets of bricks, delivered to the redevelopment locations, to be photographed.

15. Fire all medical staff not in compliance with vaccinations or silence, crippling the healthcare system while teaching those left that the system really means business.

16. Print as much money as possible, and spend it on junk, mostly–like unreliable rapid tests, track and trace when the pandemic is widespread everywhere.

17. This allows you to juice the case numbers to keep the public terrorized.

18. Deliver most of the now unemployed population into a state of financial reliance on the government.  Collapse the economy, and make everyone a captive of the state.

19. One simple vaccine passport gives you a tracking device, 24/7 surveillance, potential control of your subjects’ finances, and a means to regularly inject them with something to help ensure your plans don’t go awry.  And you get a social credit score, too boot.


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