Alex Berenson suspended over the info below:

1/ The UK has stunningly detailed and up-to-date mortality statistics. With a lag of under two weeks, it reports deaths by age and cause – and compares them to the expected number.

The figures paint a troubling picture. In the last few weeks, excess deaths have turned positive…

2/ After months in which they were negative. We thought excess mortality would be negative for a year-plus after Covid ended – many people who die from Covid are near the end of life, so those deaths were being pulled forward. That was the spring pattern. Now it’s changed…

3/ And not (only) because Covid is back. No, something specific is happening. Cancer and some lung disease deaths remain low, for example. But cardiac and stroke deaths are significantly higher than normal, and rising…

4/ And rates for younger people are strikingly higher than normal and rising (though they are still only a tiny fraction of overall deaths).

Maybe delayed care explains this pattern. But then why is it so centered around heart and not cancer deaths?

Something bad is happening.

5/ And no, I don’t know what. But we’d be well-advised to find the answer as soon as possible, and ideally BEFORE we start hitting the population with yet more mRNA.

Berenson went on to tweet this, and his account was permanently nuked:

And now they want to vaccinate all of our Military, Police, and Fire/Rescue by force with this thing. And nobody is allowed to even talk about it.


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