Remember this name – Hospital Patient Advocate.

A 46 year old US Army veteran in Texas has tragically and needlessly passed away because no hospital would admit him to perform an emergency surgery that could have saved his life from a highly treatable condition – gallstone pancreatitis. If you take nothing from this site, remember this name – Hospital Patient Advocate. If you ever feel shorted at a hospital or need help, make your next mission to find that hospital’s Patient Advocate. This is a position created at just about every hospital to make sure patients interests are protected, and the position is vested with immense power. It will often be a very small girl, very pleasant, nice smile, and with one call to a doctor and a slightly stern voice, she will be able to get the entire staff of the hospital trembling in fear, and desperate to do whatever you want. Send her boss a letter afterward, telling them how great she was.


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