Dr Pierre Kory responds to inane attacks

(1/3) Anyone wonder why, NOT ONCE, were me nor @Covid19Critical mentioned during the pre-planned, military style, media-executed barrage of attacks against IVM? (N.B. many reporters tried to trap us into supporting animal IVM use with twisty questions… then never ran it) THREAD

(2/3) ANSWER: The other side, already losing the war, would do so even more rapidly by bringing attention to @Covid19Critical ‘s CREDIBILITY: we are some of the most highly published clinician-researchers in ICU medicine AND we successfully eluded media’s attempts to discredit us

(3/3) EXPERTISE: many decades of ICU experience, read many 100’s of covid papers, cared for many thousands of covid patients… UNCONFLICTED: non-profit educational org, made up of docs bound & driven by the oath we took committing us, first and foremost, to our patient’s welfare

Originally tweeted by Pierre Kory, MD MPA (@PierreKory) on August 30, 2021.

These ignorant attacks on Kory and IVM are so stupid and widely-coordinated, it is easy to see there is a real conspiracy against science, scientific debate, and public health. ABN

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