Live blogging the ACIP meeting

Matt Daley provides the initial summary.  On slide 4 he shows hospitalizations in the vaccinated and unvaccinated, making the claim that hospitalizations occur 16 times more commonly in the unvaccinated.

Now look closely at his slide 4.  In the center there is a peak.  The tip of the peak centers on May 1, 2021.  What he notably omits telling the ACIP members is that on May 1, in an attempt to lower the breakthrough infections, new guidelines went into effect to only report on breakthrough, vaccinated cases if they met 2 criteria:  they had to have died or been hospitalized, AND they also had to have had a positive test with PCR cycle threshold of 28 and below.  This effecctively cut the reports of breakthrough cases way down, explaining the peak at May 1.


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